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Approve Center

  • Able to set the window and menu accessibility of user.
  • Able to set accessibility privilege by group or by level.
  • Able to set group of accessibility privilege for each user.
  • Able to set accessibility privilege for the login user, that which menu and window that the current user can access.
  • Able to set approval level of each window and the maximum is 5 levels.  
  • In case approval is done in level, you can track the status of document that in which level the document is being awaited.
  • Approver will be notified about the documents to be approved, program will popup reminding alert when you login to program. 
  • Able to consider for several documents, which have been requested for approval, in the same menu for convenience.
  • Able to specify substitute approver in case the approver is not present or not able to approve the document, the substitute approver can has the equal privilege as that of approver according to time for substitute approval.
  • Able to request approval for overtime (OT) by group or by individual, this makes it easier for overtime request.
  • After approving ‘Shift change/Shift swap’ or ‘Edit Time Request’ document, system will automatically post document to ‘Time Attendance’.
  • Program provides an automatic reminding message if employees take leaves more than the number that the organization allows. 
 Approve Center Report
  • Permission User Report
  • Permission User Separate by Type Report
  • Exception Permission User Report
  • Not Specify Permission User Report
  • Approval Privilege Report
  • Not Specify Approval Privilege Report
  • Approve Level Report
  • Approve Chart Report
  • Approval Overtime Report
  • Request Fixed Time Report 
  • Approve Agent Report
  • Request Leave Report
  • Approval  Leave Report
  • Request Exchange Shift Report
  • Approval Exchange Shift Report
  • Request Chang Shift Report
  • Approval Chang Shift Report
  • Request Overtime Report
  • Request Time Stamp Report