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  • Able to request for resource of each position via the system which can be sort out into organization unit, job position.
  • It provides alert and e-mail reminding to approve to approve Resource Request.
  • It provides alert and e-mail reminding to the employee who request so that he/she can see if the document is approved or not.
  • Able to save information of applicant in detail for e.g. personal information, talent, training information, educational background, and etc.
  • Able to save record about applicant unlimitedly and applicant can save biography and position on your own.
  • Applicant can attach file that is related to various documents for e.g. resume, military service document, pictures, and etc.
  • Able to apply for job via program, it supports both the employee of the organization and also people outside. You can also specify positions and expected income. 
  • Able to filter the qualified applicants as you wish via system.
  • Able to transfer applicant’s biography of qualified applicants from Recruitment system to Personnel system.
  • Able to retrieve reports that is useful for employee selection for e.g. by applied positions, educational level, faculty, grade, work experience, institutions.
  • Able to retrieve summary monthly report or any time range, to see that how many applicants are there in each position, which branch, which positions has the maximum number of applicants.
  • Able to create various examinations for testing applicants/employee for e.g. subjective type questions, objective type questions, and pictures.
  • Able to create various examinations and you can select format that you want to be used for examination.
  • Able to create examination and criteria for marking and also specifying number of examinations, duration of examination, full marks, standard marks.
  • Able to design appropriate examination and criteria for marking as you wish.
  • Able to choose the examinations papers randomly or manually create it on your own.
  • Able to display the various explanation and specification before doing examination.
  • Able to specify that which examination the timing is fixed and which is not.
  • The system can check the examinatio
    ns for marking automatically by settings.
  • Able to give exams via the program or do examinations from the print-outs.
  • Able to view report showing the examinations papers by applied positions, group by category or show all examination papers.
  • Able to measure of applicants who passed the exams. It can supports both the exams that answers right after finishing the papers/time over or retrieve the exams that have been saved for checking later.
  • Able to view report showing the result in details, showing result of each examination paper.
  • Able to show results in a form of percentage and graphics.
  • Able to retrieve names of exams-taker for checking and summarizing its numbers.
  • Able to display summary of result immediately after saving the information about finishing the exam.
  • After examinations, result will be sent via e-mail automatically to the addresses that have been set.
  • Able to send e-mail notifying about result of applicant and also post information to menu ‘Reserve List’ in case of failure in exams, so that you can retrieve information when you urgently need employee forinterview and no need to waste time in the application process again.
  • Able to send e-mail from the system to interviewee and qualified applicants.
  • Able to see interview topic by category or job positions as you wish.
     Marks level of applicants of each position can be specified for the same interview topic.
  • Able to create of retrieve interviewer name list from other organization unit for defining interview process level and able to select more than 1 interviewer.
  • Able to fix if the interviewer can interview applicants of some particular positions or every position.
  • Able to arrange interview schedule and also display interview schedule in calendar.
  • Able to choose the room for interview schedule arrangement.
  • Able to send e-mail form system to notify interview and interviewee about details
    of interview.
  • Able to send e-mail from system to notify every related person when any interview is canceled.
  • Interviewer can add more reasons for passing and failing in interview, not only giving marks.
  • Able to compile interview result for decisions whether to pass or fail the interviewee.
  • Able to import applicant names in black list from external sources for e.g. text file, excel file.
  • It provides system that automatically reserve applicant name list, for retrieving information of these reserved applicants for the second round of test/interview.
  • Able to track status of each applicant, examples of statuses are testing, interviewing.
  • Able to track documents of applicant in every process, from applying for the job till employment.
  • Able to examine the offences from menu ‘Punishment’.
  • Able to retrieve black list for e.g. those applicants who has disciplinary offence record during work, those who have been convicted before.

Recruitment Reports


  • Request Resource Report
  • Applicant Detail Report 
  • Applicant Report
  • Appoint Examination Report
  • Practice Detail Report
  • Record Practice Report
  • Appoint Interview Report
  •  Result Interview Report 
  • Reserve List Report
  • Black List Report
  • Recruit Follow Report
  • Applicant Status Report