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  • Able to specify income-deduct type as per requirement and able to select any of the 2 calculation methods i.e. static, customized.
  • Able to define which income or deduct you want to calculate social security, tax, provident fund.
  • Able to define payment period format in more than 1 period/ month.
  • Able to set payment date and define whether payment should be before or after holiday.
  • The program will set the expenses that have been exempted from tax and allowance according to the law at present but user can also change or edit the information in case the law has changed.
  • Able to post information related to account, by posting to GL system in the Prosoft Account program.
  • Able to select calculation method for employee, these are deduction at source, employer pay once, employer always pay, or without tax. 
  • Able to save expenditure for advanced working to calculate overtime cost.
  • Able to choose to specify regular income for the income that payment has to be done in every period. And it is to be specified just once for e.g. cost of living, cost of position, rent, and etc.
  • Able to save income-deduct expenses and OT expenses by group for working speed.
  • Able to set the program to calculate regular income automatically every month or cancel in any month.
  • Able to set the method of rounding the amount of money, time, and number of figures as per requirement.
  • Able to define calculation methods for tax, social security, provident fund in each period.
  • Able to set period of special income-deduct separated from regular income period. 
  • Able to examine calculation result of each period immediately and it shows the details of calculations of each step.
  • Able to select tax calculation from 2 methods i.e. static, customize by month.
  • Able to keep/save information about payment to employee into disc and send to bank.
  • Able to keep/save social security payment of employee into disc and send it to social security office.
  • Able to keep/save information about income tax 1, income tax 1-kor, income tax 91 into disc, to department of revenue or via internet.
  • Able to keep/save provident fund information into disc.
  • Able to print payment slip, salary certificate, work experience certificate from the program.
  • In case payment is more than once in a year, you can choose to deduct social security by any of the 3 method i.e. first period, last period, deduct in every period.
  • Able to set various payroll structures of employees of each organization unit or by employee type for e.g. executive’s payroll structure, permanent employee payroll structure.
  • Able to select period that you want to compile the compensation and able to select employee that you want to compile by individual and by group.
  • Able to close period to prevent from modification of income-deduct after compilation. 
Payroll Reports
Organization Report


  • Payment Report 
  • Payment by Job Report
  • Occasional Income-Deduct Payment Report
  • Income Deduct and Tax Report 
  • Overtime Payment Report 
  • Cash Payment Report 
  • Bank Payment Report
  • Account Salary Report 
  • Income Registration Report
  • Yearly Income Report (Compensate Fund)
  •  Payment Voucher Report
  • Social Security Compare 12 Month Report
  • Summary Salary and Wage Report (Income-Deduct) 
  • Request to Take Income Report 
  • Salary Signature Form 
  • Employee's Tax Report
  • Check Tax Step Report
  • Summary Salary Collect Report 
  • Income Deduct Financial Amount Report
  • Employee's Payment Period Template Report 
  • Provident Fund Payment Report
  • Income Compare 12 Month Report
  • Tax Compare 12 Month Report
  • Payment For Branch Report
  • Sent Data Provident Fund Detail Report
Payroll Form
  •  Salary Certificate Form
  • Works Certificate Form