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Alert Management

   Prosoft HRMI has an alert system that alerts for various reasons which keep human
 resource department and managers informed about employees quickly, instantly and
 it can reduce work process. Alert can be done in 2 ways i.e. when you login to Prosoft HRMI system and in a form of e-mail.
  • Alert setting can be done to make it alert when it completes the time cycle or before it completes the time cycle. For e.g.
Employee retirement   Employee retirement
Probation day   Work permit expiry date (Foreign labor)
  • You can select the persons whom you want to send alert and e-mail to for e.g. human resource manager, mangers,executives, and other people.
  • The program will remind automatically in a form of alert and e-mail to inform approver about the status of documents that is waiting for approval. This alert management is used in these menus:
Leave Request   Employee Resignation
Fix Time Request   Abstain Time Stamp
Exchange Shift Request   Training Plan
Change Shift Request   Course Outside Request
Overtime Request   Course Inside Request
Group Overtime Request   Draw Budget
Employee Probation   Course Reserve Room
Employee Contract   Course Registration Request
Employee Reward   Course Registration Payment
Employee Punishment   Welfare Request
Employee Promote   Request Resource
  • Program will remind automatically in a form of e-mail to the job applicant to check the test result and examination calendar.
  • Program will remind about interview date automatically in a form of e-mail to the job applicant and interviewer.