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General Specification

  • Attractive user-friendly graphical user interface.
  • Skin (Theme) of windows can be changed as per user requirements.
  • Both the year format, B.E. and C.E., can be set for tax year.
  • Supports 2 languages, English and Thai
  • It can support more than 1 organization in the same database.
  • It is modularized and displays operation flows for ease-of-use
  • Accessibility settings can be done for data security
  • Supports auto back up and is able restore itself effectively
  • Security settings for accessibility can be done by columns.
  • Supports Search Engine in every window that is easy and fast for searching.
  • Able to limit the accessibility privilege by field.
  • Record search can be done in many forms for e.g. alphabetical search, column-wise search
  • Columns can be hidden and can be moved in any search window
  • Can edit and modify forms and reports format as per user requirements.
  • Information can be exported in a form of Excel, Text, and HTML which are in beautiful formats and can be used immediately.
  • Provides confirmation messages to make sure about saving and deleting documents to avoid mistakes.
  • Reports can be filtered by date or employee group as per user requirement and in a form of explain and summary.
  • Provide dashboard displaying in a form of graphs for ease of analysis and presentation to management team
  • Reports and forms can be printed in a form of e-mail or fax to eliminate the work process and cut operation cost
  • Every window has Administration tab to display information history that which user is the one to save and when was the last time and who was the last one that modified the document.
  • Every window can save additional Note in various details and can be create in information group.
  • Every window can attach the related file for retrieving important information or files promptly from the same place which makes it faster to search for documents.
  • You can drill down document number to the original document to enter to approval consideration.